Abstract Art by New Orleans Native Jennifer Poe

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Jennifer Poe has had her hands in paint since she was a young girl. Born and raised in New Orleans, her creative nature runs deep in her veins. Jennifer’s passion for art was fueled at an early age by her grandmother and aunt, who were both talented artists. “Watching them inspired me to create,” she remembers. From then on, there was no stopping her!

In New Orleans, Jennifer studied under Abstract Artist Allison Stewart, another person she says played a role in her development as an artist. “Her freedom with colors and mediums inspired my love for creating abstract work,” Jennifer said. To further her education, Jennifer moved to Baton Rouge to attend LSU. After graduation, she decided to stay in the capital city, where she still resides today.

Jennifer’s love for abstract art continues to flourish. “Color and texture inspire me in everything I do. And when music is added to the mix, the ideas just fly onto my canvases. I like to combine contrasting colors and mediums to add an electric energy to my works.”

See more of Jennifer’s art on Facebook  and Instagram.





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