Brush up on your Cajun French in Vermilion Parish

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Known as “the Most Cajun place on earth,” Vermilion Parish is the perfect travel destination for anyone looking to explore a rich history and multicultural mix of people. With a variety of charming towns, exotic marshlands and bayous, beautiful wildlife, and delicious food, we aim to provide visitors with a taste of the “joie de vivre,” or joy of living.Organized by the Friends of Palmetto Island State Park, Inc., the Stir the Pot Louisiana Seafood Cook-off and Festival is a great opportunity for visitors to help the community while having a great time in the process. During the festival, attendees can enjoy some friendly competition between some of the best chefs in the area, while also enjoying live music, nature talks, and native arts and crafts. The event is held every year on the Saturday following Easter Sunday.

Vermilion also hosts other fun festivals, such as the Delcambre Shrimp Festival and the Giant Omelette Celebration. Come do the fais-do-do at the Delcambre Shrimp Festival, which features performances by national recording artists, as well as carnival rides, contests, parades, and delicious signature shrimp dishes. The Giant Omelette Celebration is a family-friendly event with dancing, music, arts, crafts, and the creation of a 12-foot omelette made by local chefs!

Festivals aren’t the only place visitors can enjoy some of our renowned Cajun cooking. We also have a wide range of great restaurants. Sample everything from alligator, oysters, and crawfish to gumbo, jambalaya, and cochon de lait–all cooked with extra love and flavor. Local restaurants include Billy’s Kitchen, Big Daddy’s Diner and Seafood, Cormier’s Creole Kitchen, and many more. Ooh, cher—that’s some good eating!

The fun doesn’t stop at just our food and music. Visitors can take in the natural beauty of southwest Louisiana by exploring the 1,300 square foot Palmetto Island State Park. Located just south of Abbeville, the park offers cabins, campsites, picnic pavilions, play areas, a nature center, nature trails, and more. Boating enthusiasts are welcome with ample boat and pirogue launches for cruising, fishing, canoeing, and kayaking.

When visiting Vermilion Parish, visitors will have access to a variety of charming towns, each possessing their own unique qualities and a little local lagniappe. Abbeville, the parish seat, offers over 20 restaurants, a local history museum, and both English and French guided walking tours.

Freshwater City, on the other hand, is perfect for nature lovers. At any time, guests may spot alligators, egrets, pelicans, or herons at this tiny spot that opens up to the serene beauty of the Gulf of Mexico.

Looking for a more rural, farmland experience? Check out Forked Island. With no need for street stoplights, this laid-back, small community is all about beautiful open spaces with small-town charm. Take a drive and check out some local hot spots, like the Cajun Diner and Skinney’s, where you’ll even find a cozy recliner behind the bar.

No matter where you choose to spend your time, we’re sure you’ll be welcomed by friendly faces and old-world charm.

Book your trip today to visit Vermilion Parish and let the good times roll, or as we like to say, “laissez les bons temps rouler.” We offer several accommodation options, including hotels, motels, RV parks, hunting lodges, as well as bed and breakfast locations.

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