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We all know Louisiana is called the Sportsman’s Paradise.  But, are we getting out there and enjoying all it has to offer?  Research says it’s vital to connect with nature, and here in Louisiana, we have the opportunity to do so in our own backyards.  In Southwest Louisiana, you can enjoy year-round boating, sailing, fishing and crabbing on bayous, lakes, marshlands and rivers.  You can go on a journey through Louisiana’s Outback to spot alligators or experience the bird migration along the Creole Nature Trail All-American Road. Here, the fresh coastal air can wake up your senses and recharge you.

Before you begin your journey, we recommend you stop by the Creole Nature Trail Adventure Point for an orientation on the wildlife and culture of Southwest Louisiana. We recommend that you hike trails over the marshes in Southwest Louisiana such as the Blue Goose Walking Trail, the Wetland Walkway, Pintail Wildlife Drive or the scenic overlook behind the Cameron Prairie National Wildlife Refuge’s Visitors Center. There are 26 miles of Gulf Coast beaches for shelling, so bring a bucket for natural souvenirs!

Perhaps birding is a hobby?  Did you know that over 400 species of birds migrate to or inhabit the coastal wetlands, which is why Southwest Louisiana is ranked in the top 10 birding areas in the United States.  This spot is a haven for some of the most unusual species.  Next on your stop, check out the Grosse Savanne Eco Tours.  These tours take guests through saltwater, freshwater and cypress marshes to educate them on the rich wildlife habitat all throughout the area while getting up close and personal with exotic animals like alligators.  Bring your camera because the views are picturesque!

A lot of Louisianans love seafood.  Have you enjoyed the fervor of catching your own fish and eating your catch?  Fishing is a year-round affair in Southwest Louisiana, and area hunting & fishing guides are eager to take visitors out into Louisiana’s Outback to take advantage of the Sportsman’s Paradise in the area.  Also, our area lakes, bayous and Gulf coast offer the perfect setting for beginner, intermediate and advanced paddlers. Paddle Up Boarding Co. is a locally owned company focused on the Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Surfing experience. It’s a great way to get active and experience the beauty that Southwest Louisiana has to offer. Kayaking is also a popular water activity in Southwest Louisiana.

Whether you come to Southwest Louisiana to enjoy the tranquility of a peaceful walk in nature or you yearn for the call of adventure, get outside and go.  Southwest Louisiana is calling.

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