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There it is, you see your final goal – maybe it is one last punch; just a few more strides to the finish line; or perhaps one last layup on a break-away to seal the game up tight. Your feet move without thought, as you go through the final motion you can already hear the crowd begin to roar…

… And then – just like that – you snap back to reality and look off into the distance, your previous surroundings melt away.

But, it didn’t have to end like that – every amateur athlete in the Bayou State has a chance to prove themselves at the Louisiana State Games in Monroe.

The only requirement? You’ve been a state resident for at least 30 days.

That thirty-day tenure opens a huge realm of possibility for any athlete to prove what they’re made of – to themselves, or someone else. The list of events is long, based – mostly – on the Olympics while including sports like baseball and softball, as well as youth football and baseball championships.

Want to land that last punch? Sign up for the boxing event. Perhaps you want to stretch your legs, giving track & field a go. Ever heard of Disc (frisbee) golf? Maybe it’s the long-lost passion you didn’t know you desired.

This year the LSG will offer 17 different sporting events, including powerlifting, archery, disc golf, BMX, baseball, football, and pickleball. New events in 2018 are wakeboarding and the kids triathlon.

“The Louisiana State Games continues to grow each year,” said Senior Vice President of Sales at the Convention and Visitors Bureau and State Games Director, Scott Bruscato. “We look forward to continued success and exciting competitions in 2019 in Monroe-West Monroe.”

While the festivities go on for several weeks, the crux of the program rests upon a healthy lifestyle. The Louisiana State Games is part of a national group which promotes athletic activity and active lifestyles – which also means that winners get to represent their state in Lynchburg, VA at the National Games in 2019.

If you’re not quite sure about participating and want to take a look – or you’re just a good ole’ fashioned spectator – head up to Monroe, Louisiana from May 10-21 to check out the fifth annual games. Information is available online at or you can call 800-843-1872. Events are held in various locations, so it’s best to call in advance.

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