Holiday Classic at the Historic Dixie Theater – Ruston, LA

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There’s an old story which tries to establish a reconnection of sorts with the magic and love of Christmas. According to the story, Christmas has been commercialized and it takes the care and dedication of one old man to try and change things around – through a Macy’s shopping department post.

The Ruston Community Theatre, sponsored by Green Clinic, look to recreate this telling of a man named Kris Kringle and his Christmas adventure in New York at their stage in, you guessed it, Ruston. The beautiful story looks to capture the hearts of children and adults alike and remind audiences of the true meaning of Christmas.

The troop uses a quote from the Santa Cruz Sentinel to describe the play aptly – “This is a tale that we want to believe in, that creates a world we seem to desperately desire, free of the blatant commercialism that surrounds us, where love and decency and generosity of spirit are their own rewards. What we want Christmas to be all about, really.”

The story follows Kringle’s battle with his employer, culminating in a court battle which puts the belief of the children of New York in Santa, versus the corporate power of Macy’s. The ending will warm your heart and, for many, change the way you view the wintry holiday.

It’s a story not to be missed! Especially if Christmas the holiday for you. The program begins on December 6th and runs through December 9th at the Dixie Theater, 212 N. Vienna Street, Ruston, LA. Adult admission is $12, while students of local schools and Louisiana Tech get in for $6.

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