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Baton Rouge’s Knock Knock Children’s Museum, which opened in August of 2017, proves that education can be fun, exciting, and hands-on. As a private, non-profit organization, the museum is committed to providing visitors and members of the community with an inclusive space where children from all backgrounds can learn and socialize through play.

About the Museum

Sitting atop Knock Knock Hill in Baton Rouge’s scenic City-Brooks Community Park, Knock Knock Children’s Museum is a 26,000-square-foot facility overlooking six acres of parkland. The facility, designed by Cambridge Seven Associates, Inc and Remson Haley Herpin Architects, integrates the building and the surrounding area with the child’s play experience in mind. Four pavilions at the top of the hill are staggered to fit between and underneath the canopies of seven beautiful live oaks. It’s the perfect location to serve all of Baton Rouge’s neighborhoods and communities, as well as the surrounding nine-parish area.

Activities and Exhibits

Knock Knock Children’s Museum divides its fully interactive exhibits and activity hubs into 18 areas called Learning Zones. Each Learning Zone houses unique, research-based educational opportunities that address all areas of childhood development, including literacy, science, art, and technology skills.

Children up to age eight and their families are invited to explore and discover what each Learning Zone has to offer. Knock Knock’s Story Tree is the perfect place to practice reading and writing, as well as harnessing speaking and listening skills.

Local visitor, Ellie Sims Jones, raved about Knock Knock on Facebook, posting, “Our three children (ages 2, 6, and 11) all had a blast! The museum is brilliant in every way, and I know we will enjoy so many days there in the years to come. Thank you for this amazing attraction for Baton Rouge families!”

Kids will also love Go Go Garage, where they can design, work on, wash, and even test drive their dream car. Hungry guests should visit Pelican Pantry or I See Food Cafe, Knock Knock’s prime spots for shopping, cooking, learning about nutrition, and stocking up on new recipes.

For visitors and locals alike, there’s no shortage of fun things to do at Knock Knock Children’s Museum and in the surrounding neighborhoods of Baton Rouge.

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  1. Kenny Shutt February 6, 2018 at 11:25 am - Reply

    Knock Knock is fantastic! My grandchildren spent all day there a few weeks back and keep asking to go back.

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