Local Baker Kayla Trahan Secures Cake Wars Victory

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When Kayla Trahan first found her passion for baking, she probably never imagined that it would land her a TV appearance, much less local celebrity status. Now, it’s done just that, and more! As the winner of Food Network’s Cake Wars, Trahan brought her local roots and passion to the plate to sweep the competition.

Baking has always been a part of Trahan’s life, but, like most people, it was more of a hobby. “I was in school at ULL 7 years ago and decided I needed a hobby,” Trahan recalled. “I walked around a local hobby store, found a box of fondant, and I decided I wanted to know more about it. After hours of watching YouTube, I finally got the hang of the whole decorating thing!”

Once Trahan had mastered the art of baking, putting her skills to the test seemed like the next logical step. She hunted down the Cake Wars casting process and was cast months later. But one win wasn’t enough for her.

“After winning the first show I thought that would be it,” Trahan said. “But a couple months later, I got a phone call while I was teaching. I noticed it was from the producer, so I just had to answer it. They asked me to be on the championship show, and that was that.”

With her success confirmed, Trahan was a shoo-in to run a successful bakery. Every item in The Cake Room is given Trahan’s special touch. “I take part in every single decorated cake,” Trahan revealed. “As of now, I am the person who decorates the cake from start to finish.”

As for how she keeps things fresh and new at The Cake Room, Trahan explains it’s because she is always scoping out the competition. “I go to different competitions and conventions around the U.S., and I teach classes,” she explained. “I am always learning, and this allows me to offer cakes that have no boundaries.”

If Trahan could deliver one message to the customer, it would be to share just how much dedication goes into her baking. “I would want the customers to know that each cake is made with hard work and love. You can’t be a good cake decorator unless you love what you do,” she shared. “I love each and every cake that walks out of my door, and this allows my customers to get the best product!”

Trahan’s claim to fame may be traditional cakes, but The Cake Room is much more than that. At the walk-in sweet shop in the front of the house, customers can get a variety of delicious sweets, such as petit fours, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, and more–they even offer king cakes year round!

Trahan’s experience is growing with all of the adventurous new cakes she tries.I have made cakes that move, cakes that light up, and even cakes that have served wine!” she said. “We are truly a custom experience, and I take pride in that I can tailor any cake or sweet to each individual’s imagination.”

Trahan’s love is apparent in all of her handcrafted delicacies. For aspiring bakers, she also shares some of her recipes on her blog.

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