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Ruston has soul, and nothing brings it more to life than the beautiful North Louisiana spring.
Downtown is lit up March all the way to June by music, art, and culinary masterpieces which highlight a seasonal selection of festivals that is second to none. Musicians – representing a vast array of talents including blues, jazz, country, as well as rock & roll – start in the early afternoon and play into the night, bringing sights and sounds to enhance the experience of artistry galleries, games, rides, and a hefty selection of mouth-watering Louisiana cuisine.
The spring-time mainstay, however, is Ruston’s Fashion Week April 9 – 14. Building upon the growth of spring, as ladies and gentleman shed their winter wear for colorful and light spring clothing, Ruston offers a little fashion sense for everyone. Lights and cameras fill the evening as ladies and men strut the runway showing off new, local trends.
All to help promote local, small-business interests in-and-around Ruston.
“Most people think fashion exists only in the big cities, so this is a great chance to not only enhance Ruston’s spring (festival) lineup, but it gives local talent a chance to show off their work,” said Kelly Moore Clark, owner of Kelly Moore bag and participant in Ruston’s Fashion Week.
“I’m from Ruston, a home-town girl,” Clark said. “So I believe in supporting and shopping in local businesses – this works for both.”
Beyond Fashion Week’s runway, business attire, children’s clothes, and even casual wear get a taste of the spotlight. But it doesn’t stop there, no, Fashion Week has grown past clothing – decoration for home and office, even restaurants has created buzz and will be shown in 2018.
Not to be confused as ‘just another college town’ – all of this, and more, can be found in Ruston’s Historic Downtown District. For specific festival dates, or a full run-down on Fashion Week, visit or call 800-392-9032.

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